Alice and the Pirates

Alice and the Pirates

Alice and the Pirates was created as a second line from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in 2004, as a way for the company to create darker, bolder and more aristocratic styles that didn't fit in with the sweet pastel look of their main line. It's since become extremely popular in its own right.


Alice and the Pirates releases limited edition featured series periodically. Reserve online!

Starlight Carnevale - reserve now!

Alice's Wonder Marine Treasure - coming soon!

Visit the reservation page for upcoming series!

  • Starlight Carnevale One Piece Dress

    $338.00 Dresses
    This nighttime print series from Alice and the Pirates features a starry sky above a town. Color:Navy/Pink x Navy[Ribbon/Lace/Chiffon]Black/Purple x Black[Ribbon/Lace/Chiffon]Red/Black x Black[Ribbon/Lace/Chiffon] Material:Sh...
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  • Starlight Carnevale Skirt

    $214.00 Skirts
    This nighttime print series from Alice and the Pirates features a starry sky above a town. Material:[Outer material]ShantungPolyester 100%[Lining]Polyester Size:Length: 69.5 cm ( 27.36 inch )The length of the corset: 18 cm ( ...
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  • La Traviata~The time this flower dies~ skirt

    $179.00 Skirts
    The famous Giuseppe Verdi opera is the inspiration for this melancholy print by Alice and the Pirates, with scenes from the opera depicted in cameos along the border. The skirt features a half height corset waist. The back is s...
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  • Last Note ~ Faint spring song ~ jumper skirt Ⅰ

    $289.00 Dresses
    This light and fresh springtime print carries an air of elegance with its subdued colorways and images of doilies, perfume bottles and flower bouquets. The soft and comfortable fabric is perfect for the spring warmup. The back ...
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  • A/P Round Collar blouse

    $105.00 Shirts
    This simple yet classic blouse could set off any dark outfit. Its round collar and button line are both decorated with a layer of frills for an elegant Gothic look. Material: 100% broad cotton Size:Length: 57 cm (22.44 inch)S...
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  • Holiday of Hulim Hulum brass band skirt

    $175.00 Skirts
    A brass band plays through a fantasy world in this Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-inspired print featuring the characters from the classic tale. A diamond pattern decorates the rest of the skirt, and a bow with tassels hangs ...
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  • Wicked Queen's Poison cellar overknee socks

    $29.00 Socks
    These socks feature alternating images of roses and poison apples running up the side of each sock. An AP logo is near the heel. Meant to match with the series of the same name, these can also be used with a variety of other co...
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  • Lace Noir Jumper Skirt

    $299.00 Dresses
    This beautiful dress is a quintessential example of the Gothic Lolita style, and could form a perfect basis for a gothic coordinate. The skirt portion is divided into three layers of intricate rose lace over a solid underskirt....
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  • Gloria ~Stained Glass~ overknee socks

    $35.00 Socks
    These shimmering socks were designed to invoke the stained glass that's part of the "Gloria ~Virgin Mary's Beautiful Stained Glass~" print series. The socks include lame to give a glittery appearance.
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  • SALE

    Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Overknee Socks

    $20.00 $30.00 Socks
    These socks feature a crown design at the top with a candy stripe running down the side. Designed to match the Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box toy soldier series, they could also be used for other series where a more simple sock desi...
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