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  • Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 53

    $26.00 Periodicals
    Volume #53 of the venerable quarterly institution that is the Gothic & Lolita Bible In this issue: Innocent witch apprenticeship You can use at Halloween!Makeup of magicians and the evil spirits' minions British witch &...
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  • KERA Issue #194 - October 2014

    $12.00 Periodicals
    In this month's issue: Cover: Sayaka Kanda Let's make the perfect fashion plan before summer ends! Mix up your favorite summer outfit until fall! BOKU girl autumn style Read some info about our magazine and shipping prices...
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  • Ribbon Lace Intuck Blouse

    $189.00 Shirts
    This is a classically styled blouse featuring long puff sleeves and pintucks, with ruffles and transparent lace fabric decorating the front bib to around the back of the neck for an elegant atmosphere. A large removable ribbon ...
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  • Twin Skull Leather Necklace

    $37.00 Accessories
    This necklace features a pair of skulls varying in size attached together, one big and one small! The pendants are attached to a leather cording.   Motif vertical Motif Horizontal Length around the neck F 15.5cm...
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  • Harness Skull Necklace

    $45.00 Accessories
    Put yourself in chain with this harness style necklace that wraps around the body and connects in the front with a metal ring. There is also a skull in the front center. The harness can be detached so the necklace can be worn b...
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  • Lacing Up Studs Camisole

    $49.00 Shirts
    This camisole is the perfect piece for layering your outfit or to wear in the heat by itself! The camisole fits snug to the body and has leather look lacing which crosses around the neck. If layering, the neck straps will add a...
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  • Garter Crash Asymmetry Skirt

    $135.00 Skirts
    The Garter Crash Asymmetry skirt is made up of layers of fabric of different lengths. Changing the position of the skirt will effect it's look and styling. On the top layer a zipper is sewn in as well as a synthetic leather gar...
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  • Loose Cutsew Safety Pin Skull

    $42.00 Shirts
    Show the world who your favorite brand is with this loose-fitting SEX POT logo cutsew. Studs and rings decorate the neckline. The shirt comes in black and a white colorway. Material:50% Polyester, 50% Cotton   Length ...
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  • Dead Cherry Studs Cut One-piece

    $59.00 Dresses
    This onepiece is a long shirt flared out at the end. A print of cherries with skulls on them is scattered over the front and lined up on the back as well. The neckline is rounded and has studs on the edge of one side. Wear it a...
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  • Fortune Skull Half Pants

    $79.00 Pants
    These loose knee length shorts have a punk feel, decorated in chains and studs. A skull is printed on one side as well as an abstract motif which says "Punk And Destroy". The pants are a comfy fleece like fabric with an elastic...
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  • Cube Rock Chain Long Skirt

    $69.00 Skirts
    This long flowy jersey skirt has a rock attitude with studs and chains at the top. Large prints are on the front and back featuring geometric shapes collaged with skulls and a caged window motif. Material:38% Cotton, 38% Polye...
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  • Round Neck Candy Cutsew Bootylicious

    $37.00 Shirts
    This colorful cutsew features a punk printed design of the iconic Gibson Flying V guitar with the words "Candy Bootylicious" scribbled over it. This is the round neck t-shirt cut. Material:50% Cotton 50% Polyester   Le...
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  • Original Cutsew Candy Bootylicious

    $37.00 Shirts
    This cutsew features a punk printed design of the iconic Gibson Flying V guitar with the words "Candy Bootylicious" scribbled over it and splash of color.  This is the regular t-shirt cut. Material:100% Cotton   Length...
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  • Do Not Want Studs Maxi One-piece

    $69.00 Dresses
    This rocker style maxi dress is made of comfy light jersey material. It has a large print on the front and back of splattered flowers and words. The neckline is decorated in studs and rings and a removable chain. Material:38% ...
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  • Trump rabbit mini hat

    $49.00 Accessories
    This mini-hat features the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland fame as a stuffed animal right on the hat itself! He is removable should you want less of a "mad hatter" look. Manufactured by Patchy for Putumayo. Size:Height: ...
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  • Embroidery Line Pochette

    $94.00 Bags
    This small and stylish bag features an elegant embroidery of a cross and angel wings with text that reads "crosses are ladders that lead to heaven". A crown zipper pull completes the classy look. Material: faux leather PVC out...
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