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  • Royal Frill Lacy Blouse

    $199.00 Shirts
    This is a classically styled blouse with long puff sleeves and lace decoration around the cuffs, up the button line and around the front bib for an antique atmosphere. A large removable ribbon tie is included. The back laces up...
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  • Checkered Ribbon Head Bow

    $42.00 Accessories
    These tartan check headbows would make the perfect complement to the Union Jack series, or any other British-inspired coordinate.  
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  • Union Jack overknee socks

    $34.00 Socks
    The Union Jack overknee socks feature regal crowns, hearts and a lion's crest to match any Victorian coordinate. Material: Nylon, Polyurethane
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  • Union Jack Skirt

    $185.00 Skirts
    The British flag adorns the this, while fleur-de-lis complete the Victorian look. A heavyweight fabric was chosen to match the overall theme. Be sure to check out the matching headbow and socks. Material: 100% printed cotton ...
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  • Revival Lotta Head Bow

    $48.00 Accessories
    Designed to match the Revival Lotta series dresses, these headbows can also be worn with any other saxe blue or pink outfit. They feature a cute dot pattern and are trimmed with lace.  
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  • Revival Lotta Printed overknee socks

    $42.00 Socks
    These socks are designed to match either colorway of the Revival Lotta print series, but could also match many different outfits with their subtle beige color and of course, the coveted Innocent World Lotta print. Material: 92...
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  • Lace-up Doll Dress

    $299.00 Dresses
    This elegant long-sleeved dress gives off the image of a classic doll. The solid color of the dress is set off by a diamond-shaped neckline trimmed in frills, with removable bow pins decorating the bodice and laces up the sides...
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  • Volume Tulle Pannier

    $145.00 Skirts
    No matter what the style, petticoats are a staple for any lolita outfit. Known also in Japan as "panniers", petticoats provide body and shape to any skirt or dress. Multiple layers of soft tulle cover a base layer of harder tul...
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  • Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 53

    $26.00 Periodicals
    Volume #53 of the venerable quarterly institution that is the Gothic & Lolita Bible In this issue: Innocent witch apprenticeship You can use at Halloween!Makeup of magicians and the evil spirits' minions British witch &...
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  • KERA Issue #194 - October 2014

    $12.00 Periodicals
    In this month's issue: Cover: Sayaka Kanda Let's make the perfect fashion plan before summer ends! Mix up your favorite summer outfit until fall! BOKU girl autumn style Read some info about our magazine and shipping prices...
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  • Elegant Lacy Pagoda Parasol

    $229.00 Accessories
    This classic pagoda shaped parasol is made of a delicate lace fabric - one look and you'll know it's truly a cut above most parasols. Its wooden handle gives it an antique and authentic touch, and is a rarity among Japanese Lol...
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  • Fairy Doll Dress

    $289.00 Dresses
    Victorian maiden's popular Fairy Doll Dress is back! This airy dress has a fluffy silhouette reminiscent of a fairy. Made of a fine chiffon fabric, this dress comes with 3 removable ribbon pins. The skirt's four ribbon strings ...
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  • Fairy Gather Ribbon Dress

    $299.00 Dresses
    This lightly draped dress gives the impression of a fairy. Gathered ruffles line the neckline of the bodice for an elegant silhouette. The hem of this dress is decorated in big ruffles, as well as on the asymmetrical overlay th...
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  • Ribbon Lace Intuck Blouse

    $189.00 Shirts
    This is a classically styled blouse featuring long puff sleeves and pintucks, with ruffles and transparent lace fabric decorating the front bib to around the back of the neck for an elegant atmosphere. A large removable ribbon ...
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  • Twin Skull Leather Necklace

    $37.00 Accessories
    This necklace features a pair of skulls varying in size attached together, one big and one small! The pendants are attached to a leather cording.   Motif vertical Motif Horizontal Length around the neck F 15.5cm...
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  • Harness Skull Necklace

    $45.00 Accessories
    Put yourself in chain with this harness style necklace that wraps around the body and connects in the front with a metal ring. There is also a skull in the front center. The harness can be detached so the necklace can be worn b...
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