Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Reserve

Welcome to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright/Alice and the Pirates reservation page.  Here you can find information on upcoming items from BTSSB and Alice and the Pirates that can be ordered through our store, along with a description of the process.  Please read the information below carefully.

Those of you who are used to reserving items from other brands through us, please pay particular attention to the following information, as the process for reserving BTSSB/A&P items is different.  All BTSSB/A&P reserve orders must be initiated by email.


The Reserve Process

1. Check below for a listing of items currently up for reserve.  Clicking each image will take you to a blog post with details about that series. We can take reservations as soon as Baby, the Stars Shine Bright posts a series to their web site, so if we're a little behind, feel free to email us your requests even if you don't see a series yet on our web site.

2. Optional: do an initial availability check on the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright web site prior to placing your reserve order with us. If an item is sold out on their site, then it's probably really sold out (although you can still ask).  If it's listed as available, then it is probably available. If it's not on sale on their site yet, we can also probably get it.

3. Email us your desired order at  At this time, reserve orders will only be accepted by email.  In your email, please let us know where you would like your order shipped and your PayPal address.  We will reply with a total price, including any tax (for New York City/State residents) and/or shipping costs.  You must respond with an okay to proceed; this will actually place your order and you can no longer cancel.  No exceptions to any part of this step, even if you have ordered from us many times before!

4. Wait for us to send you a PayPal invoice. We do this once we know your order is available. This could take a few days, although we try to be as quick as possible; please be patient. Important: your reservation is not confirmed until you receive this invoice.  For extremely popular series, it is possible that your desired items may not be available, even if they appear to be on Baby's web site. We will contact you either way once we know.

Note that we do require a confirmed PayPal address for domestic shipments. Please make sure you have done this before sending payment.

5. We will notify you once we receive your item(s), and they are being prepared for shipment to you.  Note that this could be a couple of weeks after the Japanese release, depending on Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's shipping schedule. We unfortunately have no direct control over this, although we always make an effort to receive items as fast as we can. It's in everybody's interests for us to get you your items as quickly as possible.


* Once you have okayed the total price by email, no cancellations are permitted.  Cancellation after this point or failure to pay within 3 days after your reservation is confirmed will result in the loss of privilege to shop at either our or Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's stores.

* In the event that two people order the same item(s), orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please watch your inbox and/or spam box for our replies!

* Reservations can end at any time. Unlike a few other brands, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright does not have a pre-defined reservation window. Reservations end once items are no longer available, or once stock is released. In some cases you may be able to reserve directly from our upcoming store stock even after BTSSB has sold out; however in those cases we must charge our regular store price, since we're selling you products that had already been purchased for our store and planned to be sold at regular price. (Often the prices are the same, but not always.)

There are several advantages to reserving, namely that you have a better chance of getting a particular item in a particular colorway, and the prices on reserve items may be lower than what we sell them for in store.

Items Available for Reserve

No items available at this time. Please visit the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright New York City site to reserve upcoming products.