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Innocent World’s goal is to preserve the childlike innocence of a simpler time. An extremely popular classic Lolita brand, Innocent World’s designs are typified by warm colors, a range of fabrics from very light to very heavy, and adherence to tradition while still producing cute clothes for modern girls.

Recently Innocent World has been producing more and more print series with matching cute motifs on a variety of garments, with themes ranging from antique furniture to Teddy Bears.

  • Union Jack overknee socks

    $34.00 Socks
    The Union Jack overknee socks feature regal crowns, hearts and a lion's crest to match any Victorian coordinate. Material: Nylon, Polyurethane
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  • Union Jack Skirt

    $185.00 Skirts
    The British flag adorns the this, while fleur-de-lis complete the Victorian look. A heavyweight fabric was chosen to match the overall theme. Be sure to check out the matching headbow and socks. Material: 100% printed cotton ...
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  • Revival Lotta Head Bow

    $48.00 Accessories
    Designed to match the Revival Lotta series dresses, these headbows can also be worn with any other saxe blue or pink outfit. They feature a cute dot pattern and are trimmed with lace.  
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  • Revival Lotta Printed overknee socks

    $42.00 Socks
    These socks are designed to match either colorway of the Revival Lotta print series, but could also match many different outfits with their subtle beige color and of course, the coveted Innocent World Lotta print. Material: 92...
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  • A Maiden's Prayer on a Starry Sky Skirt

    $178.00 Skirts
    This is the skirt version from A Maiden's Prayer on a Starry Sky series. It is a high waiited skirt that has shirring and lacing in the back. The inverted pleating at the seams gives a flared silhouette.The print has a music th...
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  • Cesky Krumlov Overknee Socks

    $32.00 Socks
    Overknee socks  for the Cesky Kumlov series. It features flowers and doves up the sides.Color:Beige/PinkBlack/Gray
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  • Cesky Krumlov Just Waist Jumperskirt

    $228.00 Dresses
    This jumperskirt from the Cesky Krumlov series features a print of classical style town with a clouded sky above. There are peaceful doves flying in the sky as well as a matching Dove pin that is removable. The "Just Waist" pro...
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  • A Maiden's Prayer on a Starry Sky Flare Jumperskirt

    $258.00 Dresses
    This jumperskirt from the Maiden's Prayer on a Starry Sky series has a flared out hem due to sewn down inverted pleats and an extended waistline. The print has a music theme printed around the dress and an illustrated swan prin...
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  • Antique Playing Cards Overknee Socks

    $34.00 Socks
    Over the knee socks with a playing card motif down the sides. A ribbon design is printed around the ankle. These socks match the Antique Playing Card series.
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  • Antique Playing Cards High Waist Jumperskirt

    $238.00 Dresses
    Part of the Antique Playing Cards series, this jumperskirt has an antique cards pattern reproduced in print with gold lame on part of the skirt. This is the high waisted version of the jumperskirt and has a big ribbon of the ch...
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  • Ribbon Rose Umbrella

    $72.00 Accessories
    These simple and classic umbrellas are decorated with a rose print Innocent World logo and trimmed with frills along the bottom edge. They're a perfect match for many different outfits with their simple yet elegant design. For...
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  • Ellen Clapsaddle Skirt

    $195.00 Skirts
    This print series uses images originally drawn by famed artist and illustrator Ellen Clapsaddle, one of the late 19th and early 20th centuries' most prolific and respected illustrators. Several scenes of childlike whimsy are de...
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  • Rose and Playing Cards High Waist jumper skirt (2 colors)

    $299.00 Dresses
    This series combines two of the most popular motifs in modern Lolita prints - playing cards and roses! The bottom border print features a tasteful floral design, while strings of playing cards provide vertical stripes to the to...
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