Pullip Fashion Dolls

The Pullip family is a line of articulated ball joint fashion dolls. The ball joints make them very easy to pose. These dolls are extremely popular all over Asia because even their original clothing designs can be very beautiful and cute, like a real alternative fashion brand.  But in fact, many of the established Japanese fashion brands do collaboration dolls with the Pullip family too! These dolls feature real released clothing designs in miniature form. We will specialize in carrying these collaborations as they become available.

The Pullip family includes the original Pullip, her rival Dal, Pullip's boyfriend Taeyang and Dal's best friend Byul.

All of the full size Pullip family dolls we carry include a doll stand and various accessories, and come in a window box.

  • Taeyang h.Naoto Horizon

    $119.00 Collectibles
    Slashing through a crowd with vivid flash. I am the coolest thing on this Earth. I resemble nobody. Taeyang F-928 Horizon Taeyang is wearing h.Naoto h.ANARCHY. This is an official collaboration. Size: About 14" Material: ABS, c...
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