PUTUMAYO designer Hasegawa-san introduces his brand to our customers! (The video will play in a new window.)

PUTUMAYO blends a little bit of everything – Lolita, punk and gothic styles – to create something truly unique. Among fans they are known as a “punk Lolita” brand and we therefore categorize them as Lolita, however you will see many of their items in both our Gothic & Lolita and Rock & Punk collections.

As you see in the video linked to your left, PUTUMAYO's designer conceives of the brand as "cute, but with a poisonous atmosphere". In that sense, they embody everything that people love about Japanese street fashion in a single brand.

  • Alice Rabbit Necklace

    $32.00 Accessories
    This delicate necklace has a charm of the White Rabbit with his clock! There are 4 different Trump rhinestone design motifs; diamond, club, spade, and heart! These charms are hung on a beautiful silver chain. Size:One Size...
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  • Butterfly Tights

    $45.00 Socks
    Tights with a full color butterfly print! One leg has a line of crosses and crowns in a pattern down it, the other leg has a row of butterflies.  Material:92% polyester, 8% polyurethane Size: Waist to toe 81...
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  • Chesire Cat Big T-shirt

    $75.00 Shirts
    This playful big t-shirt has a scattered melodic print that features the Chesire Cat! One sleeve is plain while the other continues the print and the collar has a wide cowl. Material:  95% Polyester, 5% polyurethane ...
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  • Country Story Long Sleeved Cut Dress

    $155.00 Dresses
    This long sleeved dress from Putumayo features a framed fairytale themed print. The dress has a square neckline and an asymmetrical hem decorated with ruffles! The choker is attached to the dress which opens from the back. The...
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  • Rabbit Dress

    $145.00 Dresses
    This adorable printed one piece dress has an Alice and Wonderland theme with rabbits. The plaid or striped accents and removable ribbon tie are really cute! This dress also has removable neck ribbon ties. [material] Main f...
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  • Antique Rose Dress

    $165.00 Dresses
    This print features lovely butterflies and roses along the border, and has gorgeous ruffle shoulder straps!  The ribbon ties at the waist create a romantic feeling! [Material] Main fabric 100% cotton Lining, lace, tulle 10...
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  • Lace Print Ruffle Cuffs

    $34.00 Accessories
    These wrist cuffs have a cotton base with a unique lace design printed on top. The edges are trimmed with lace as well. The cuff fastens closed with a delicate button.  [Material] 100% cotton [Size] Width 10cm (4")Around t...
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  • Embroidery Line Pochette

    $94.00 Bags
    This small and stylish bag features an elegant embroidery of a cross and angel wings with text that reads "crosses are ladders that lead to heaven". A crown zipper pull completes the classy look. Material: faux leather PVC...
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  • Trump Tulle Skirt

    $134.00 Skirts
    A layer of tulle mesh overlays a trump suit print on this dark yet airy skirt. The layer beneath the tulle is fashioned like a petticoat. The hem of the tulle layer is decorated with lace. Material:100% nylon tulle, 100% cotto...
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  • Vignette in glass frill skirt

    $144.00 Skirts
    This print features characters from Alice in Wonderland captured under glass! The solid color print is set against a tartan check background for a classic look. Material: 100% cotton outer, 100% polyester lining Size:Length: ...
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  • Ribbon Socks

    $29.00 Socks
    These short socks are perfect for summer, and feature cute little ribbons around the top as well as an embroidered Putumayo crown logo. Material: 56% cotton, 24% acrylic, 18% polyester, 2% polyurethane Size:Length: 21cm (8.3")
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  • Frame Work T-shirt

    $55.00 Shirts
    This short-sleeved t-shirt features a metallic print on the neckline of the front. The foil print features a cool motif pattern of a coffin, crown, and heart. It's pattern comes in different monochromatic colors and are printed...
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  • Sticky Layered Tank Top

    $48.00 Shirts
    This top is layered as two different tank styles.The top one shows off a print that is arranged to look like random peeling stickers. The under tank has a diamond trump pattern. Material:Body cut-and-sew material 95% cotton, 5...
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  • Wonderland Asymmetrical Onepiece

    $146.00 Dresses
    This asymmetrical dress is made from soft comfortable fabric and has a ruffled hem printed with the Wonderland series print. The chest and sleeves have layers of ruffled chiffon.  Material:Body cut-and-sew material and striped...
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  • Wonderland One-piece

    $168.00 Dresses
    This dress has a hem that hangs longer in the back giving off a more mature look. A Wonderland print is around the hem of the dress and ruffles slightly. The puff sleeve is chiffon and matches the included choker. A satin ribbo...
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  • Sailor Collar One-piece

    $159.00 Dresses
    This one piece dress has a cute sailor collar design with puff sleeves and pleating in the skirt. Colored ribbon matches the collar to the hem. An embroidered Crown Bear "Coat of Arms" is on the chest. A traditional tie is incl...
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