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  • Promising Rebel 3-way Canvas Shoulder Bag

    $37.00 Bags
    This simple but strong canvas bag is both economical and highly stylish, with a Union Jack-inspired punk print. Wear it three ways - messenger, shoulder or handbag style. Material 100% cotton Sizing info Height Width Dept...
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  • Handcuffs SKULL Pierced Earrings

    $23.00 Accessories
    SEX POT ReVeNGe has taken their popular full-size handcuff necklace and shrunk it down to the size of a pair of earrings! A skull hangs from one ear while a safety pin and handcuff hang from the other, in an asymmetrical design...
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  • PUNKISH CHAIN Pleated Skirt

    $99.00 Skirts
    This punky pleated skirt can be worn two ways - either by itself or as a "flap" over a pair of pants. In this way, it's unisex! The skirt is decorated by a layer of gauze peeking from below, as well as chains and patches for a ...
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  • Handcuffs PICK SKULL Necklace

    $45.00 Accessories
    The first handcuff necklace we carried from SEX POT ReVeNGe was nearly four years ago, and they're still no less unique and distinctive. This one is made of a real handcuff combined with a studded guitar pick bearing the SPR lo...
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    $34.00 Accessories
    Accent your rock coordinate with this necklace that combines a skull, safety pin and crown motif with a plain black stone. Wear it with pretty much any outfit! Material: metal Size:Charm length: 8cm (3.1")Charm width: 3cm (1.2"...
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    $135.00 Pants
    These custom sarouel style pants have a lot going on, with a separate removable tattered flap, a bondage belt at the knees and a set of chains across the front. Silver foil printed patches and safety pins complete the punk look...
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  • Chain Harness Black Stripe Onepiece

    $125.00 Dresses
    SEX POT ReVeNGe has taken their WEIRD BLACK Stripe One-piece and added a chain harness to it for an even harder look. With a destroyed style miniskirt and frill trimmed top, this one-piece is the perfect basis for a full punk c...
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    $75.00 Shirts
    The studded round, cut collar in this cutsew is designed to show off a little skin. The oversized skull and cross print also includes an SPR logo and some of their signature English writing - be sure to check the photos! Ma...
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  • Cobweb Tulle Layered Cardigan

    $89.00 Outerwear
    This knit cardigan is layered with cobwebs over the shoulder and back for a look that's totally metal. Go all out with the red leopard print, or pull it back a bit with the versatile plain black. Perfect for either men or women...
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  • Chain Zip Grunge Cutsew

    $79.00 Shirts
    This long sleeve cutsew features a triple chain, patches and zippers for a hardcore look! It's reasonably priced despite its elaborate look. Remove the chains and wear them as a necklace for even more versatility! Material ...
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  • NO ROCK Cut Parka

    $89.00 Outerwear
    This all-cotton stretch hoodie is covered in prints and patches both front and back. The large rear print exclaims "NO ROCK no punk no mind no life" with a longer explanation below - see the photos! Material 100% cotton S...
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  • Angel Dead DART TRAP PUNK Jersey

    $89.00 Outerwear
    Get ready for spring with this light jacket from SEX POT ReVeNGe. A bloody rose decorates the front breast, while a large silver and grey angel print adorns the back. The text over the print reads "Angel dead - is help in this ...
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  • Diamond Bag

    $119.00 Bags
    This three-way bag features a bold diamond pattern that demands attention. Its versatile design will let you carry anything up to the size of a textbook in either handbag, shoulder bag or backpack configuration. These bags are ...
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  • Rhinestone Skull Necklace

    $24.00 Accessories
    It's all about the bling with these shiny skull necklaces decorated with colored rhinestones, perfectly fitting the "glam punk" style that's popular in Japan and is a Hellcat Punks' specialty. Material: metal Chain length: 18-2...
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  • Warren socks

    $21.00 Socks
    These unique and colorful ankle-length socks are emblazoned with the face of Warren, a rabbit-like character with ears that protrude over the top of the sock. Cute down to your toes! Material: 52% nylon, 20% cotton, 14% acrylic...
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  • SALE

    2 Way Bondage Gauze Cutsew

    $69.00 $99.00 Shirts
    This cutsew gives a distinct impression of a straitjacket, with its extra-long sleeves and horizontal "straps". The sleeves can be detached, making this a true all-season cutsew. Material 65% polyester, 35% rayon Sizing i...
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