In the above video, KERA magazine model AKIRA introduces the SEX POT brand to our customers. We may not stock every item in this video, but we do have many items from Japan's top hardcore punk brand!

  • META META BEAR Long Sleeve Custom Cutsew

    $55.00 Shirts
    This t-shirt features a gradient image of a hardcore looking teddy bear wielding a hammer with the words "DEFEAT CRUSHINGLY"! This shirt has been customized with red paint splatters on the front and back, with an all-over slash...
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  • Weird Black Stripe Onepiece

    $95.00 Dresses
    This one-piece with vivid metallic stripes and tattered gauze fabric gives off a striking look. With a destroyed style miniskirt and frill trimmed top, this one-piece is the perfect basis for a full punk coordinate! A zipper ru...
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  • BLACK SP Coat

    $169.00 Outerwear
    This longer coat has a fur lining and contrasting placket. It both zips and buttons for added warmth and style. As with other Sex Pot coats, the hood lining zips off easily. Material: Outside 100% Cotton Fake Fur 100% Polyeste...
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  • Handcuffs Bracelet

    $29.00 Accessories
    SEX POT ReVeNGe has taken the style of their popular full-size handcuff necklace and transformed it into a bracelet! This bracelet's double metal chains hang safety pins, a handcuff, and a decorative skull bearing the words SEX...
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  • TRIP PUNK Stretch Pants

    $129.00 Pants
    Rocker style black stretch pants with stud and bondage ring detailing. Zippers cover the front along with leather look pockets on the front and back. The Black variation features gauze net detail above the knees, and the Black ...
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  • Fur Layered Long Coat

    $179.00 Outerwear
    The Fur Layered Long Coat is both stylish and warm for this winter season! The coat has an inside layer and hood made of fur material while the outside has the looks of a traditional winter parka with punk detailing like studs ...
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    Void STUDS Cut One-piece

    $39.00 $59.00 Shirts
    This onepiece is a long shirt flared out at the end. A antique gothic lace motif covers the front. The neckline is rounded and has studs on the edge of one side. Wear it as a long shirt with pants, or accessorize with a belt an...
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  • Asymmetry Bondage Long Skirt

    $139.00 Skirts
    This layered asymmetrical skirt has a flowy feeling as the hem flares out from gathers. The top layer has a tattered look and bondage straps connect around. Material:65% Polyester 35% Cotton   Waist Hip Total Length ...
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  • Two-Tone Rock Pullover Knit

    $94.00 Outerwear
    This oversized knit sweater has a two-tone color scheme boldly separated. The feather yarn has a nice soft and warm feeling to it. The studded scoop neckline is wide so you can easily show off layering or accessories.  Materia...
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  • CRASH POT Asymmetry Knit

    $99.00 Outerwear
    This asymmetrical knit cutsew by SEX POT really gives a rough feel. The knit sweater is distressed and has fishnet style sleeves. A stripe pattern and solid is available. Material: 100% Acrylic   Length Width Sleeve ...
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  • Dangerous Creature BIG Pull Parka

    $75.00 Outerwear
    This oversized pullover sweatshirt has the popular SEX POT character "Bunny-ko" printed on the back. The front has more bold designs in eye popping purple blue coloring. Pockets in the front have studs along them as well for a ...
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  • GORGEOUS Long Parka

    $119.00 Outerwear
    SEX POT ReVeNGe's annual winter parka makes a return this year with a long variation. The metal front zipper opens two ways for various styling. The parka has two big front pockets and the sleeves are decorated with leather loo...
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  • Twin Skull Leather Necklace

    $37.00 Accessories
    This necklace features a pair of skulls varying in size attached together, one big and one small! The pendants are attached to a leather cording.   Motif vertical Motif Horizontal Length around the neck F 15.5cm...
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  • Harness Skull Necklace

    $45.00 Accessories
    Put yourself in chains with this harness style necklace that wraps around the body and connects in the front with a metal ring. There is also a skull in the front center. The harness can be detached so the necklace can be worn ...
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  • SALE

    Garter Crash Asymmetry Skirt

    $99.00 $135.00 Skirts
    The Garter Crash Asymmetry skirt is made up of layers of fabric of different lengths. Changing the position of the skirt will effect it's look and styling. On the top layer a zipper is sewn in as well as a synthetic leather gar...
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  • Dead Cherry Studs Cut One-piece

    $59.00 Dresses
    This onepiece is a long shirt flared out at the end. A print of cherries with skulls on them is scattered over the front and lined up on the back as well. The neckline is rounded and has studs on the edge of one side. Wear it a...
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