In the above video, KERA magazine model AKIRA introduces the SEX POT brand to our customers. Bear in mind we may not stock every item in this video, but we do have many items from SPR!

Japan’s top hardcore punk brand, SEX POT ReVeNGe makes their own unique mark on Japanese fashion by being totally badass. SPR is also notable for producing many unisex items.

  • Promising Rebel 3-way Canvas Shoulder Bag

    $37.00 Bags
    This simple but strong canvas bag is both economical and highly stylish, with a Union Jack-inspired punk print. Wear it three ways - messenger, shoulder or handbag style. Material 100% cotton Sizing info Height Width Dept...
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  • Handcuffs SKULL Pierced Earrings

    $23.00 Accessories
    SEX POT ReVeNGe has taken their popular full-size handcuff necklace and shrunk it down to the size of a pair of earrings! A skull hangs from one ear while a safety pin and handcuff hang from the other, in an asymmetrical design...
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  • PUNKISH CHAIN Pleated Skirt

    $99.00 Skirts
    This punky pleated skirt can be worn two ways - either by itself or as a "flap" over a pair of pants. In this way, it's unisex! The skirt is decorated by a layer of gauze peeking from below, as well as chains and patches for a ...
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  • Handcuffs PICK SKULL Necklace

    $45.00 Accessories
    The first handcuff necklace we carried from SEX POT ReVeNGe was nearly four years ago, and they're still no less unique and distinctive. This one is made of a real handcuff combined with a studded guitar pick bearing the SPR lo...
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    $34.00 Accessories
    Accent your rock coordinate with this necklace that combines a skull, safety pin and crown motif with a plain black stone. Wear it with pretty much any outfit! Material: metal Size:Charm length: 8cm (3.1")Charm width: 3cm (1.2"...
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    $135.00 Pants
    These custom sarouel style pants have a lot going on, with a separate removable tattered flap, a bondage belt at the knees and a set of chains across the front. Silver foil printed patches and safety pins complete the punk look...
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  • Chain Harness Black Stripe Onepiece

    $125.00 Dresses
    SEX POT ReVeNGe has taken their WEIRD BLACK Stripe One-piece and added a chain harness to it for an even harder look. With a destroyed style miniskirt and frill trimmed top, this one-piece is the perfect basis for a full punk c...
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    $75.00 Shirts
    The studded round, cut collar in this cutsew is designed to show off a little skin. The oversized skull and cross print also includes an SPR logo and some of their signature English writing - be sure to check the photos! Ma...
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  • Cobweb Tulle Layered Cardigan

    $89.00 Outerwear
    This knit cardigan is layered with cobwebs over the shoulder and back for a look that's totally metal. Go all out with the red leopard print, or pull it back a bit with the versatile plain black. Perfect for either men or women...
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  • Chain Zip Grunge Cutsew

    $79.00 Shirts
    This long sleeve cutsew features a triple chain, patches and zippers for a hardcore look! It's reasonably priced despite its elaborate look. Remove the chains and wear them as a necklace for even more versatility! Material ...
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  • NO ROCK Cut Parka

    $89.00 Outerwear
    This all-cotton stretch hoodie is covered in prints and patches both front and back. The large rear print exclaims "NO ROCK no punk no mind no life" with a longer explanation below - see the photos! Material 100% cotton S...
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  • Angel Dead DART TRAP PUNK Jersey

    $89.00 Outerwear
    Get ready for spring with this light jacket from SEX POT ReVeNGe. A bloody rose decorates the front breast, while a large silver and grey angel print adorns the back. The text over the print reads "Angel dead - is help in this ...
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  • SALE

    2 Way Bondage Gauze Cutsew

    $69.00 $99.00 Shirts
    This cutsew gives a distinct impression of a straitjacket, with its extra-long sleeves and horizontal "straps". The sleeves can be detached, making this a true all-season cutsew. Material 65% polyester, 35% rayon Sizing i...
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    $69.00 Skirts
    A large punkified silver butterfly print decorates one side of this long skirt that's made out of stretchy cutsew material. Zippers and chains have also been added to amp it up. The waist is elastic, making this an easy skirt t...
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  • TC GRUNGE Custom T-shirt

    $69.00 Shirts
    This t-shirt gives off a grungy atmosphere with its uneven tie-dye-like look in either grey and black or red and black. The shirt has been customized with chains around the neck, zippers and patches, as well as three studs on t...
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  • Damage Dolman Cardigan

    $89.00 Outerwear
    The weather's turning chilly and it's time to start layering - but that doesn't have to mean ditching your favorite threads. This light cardigan will keep the chill out and your style up. The outer fabric is a tattered gauze-li...
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