SUPER LOVERS mixes pop, punk, and Lolita styles with bright colors and a carefree spirit of fun!
Below, KERA model Re:NO shows off the brand for our customers!

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    Skeleton Knee High Socks (3 colors)

    $19.00 $39.00 Socks
    These over the knee socks from Super Lovers feature crossbones and the Super Lovers logo down the front of the sock. The base sock is black with the design in either pink, white, or yellow green. Size: Width 8.5cm ~ Length 52cm 
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    Dripping Dot Leggings (3 colors)

    $33.00 $49.00 Pants
    These leggings will keep you warm in the winter even while you wear a short skirt! They can also protect your modesty in warmer months. They're designed to match the Dripping Dot Tulle Skirt but you could wear them with any pun...
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    Leopard print socks (3 colors)

    $20.00 $39.00 Socks
    Show off your wild side with these socks from Super Lovers!  Super Lovers calls these socks "knee high" but they will rise to above the knee on most people.  We have these available in three colors: hot pink, purple and black/p...
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    Star pattern leggings (3 colors)

    $29.00 $65.00 Pants
    Perfect for wearing under a short skirt (especially the Super Lovers star pattern tulle skirt!), these leggings feature - what else? - wide stripes of stars running down each leg, broken up by a solid contrasting color stripe. ...
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