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Victorian maiden redefines the word “elegance” with their modern updates to classic Victorian designs. VM’s clothing is simple and tasteful enough to be worn on any formal occasion – it does not immediately scream “Lolita”, but it all maintains traditional Lolita silhouettes.

Victorian maiden is one of the few Lolita brands that produces both "cupcake" shape dresses and the cleaner look of the A-line style, in both dresses and petticoats. They also produce both medium and longer-length dresses for added modesty.

Note that items below are in stock and ready to ship (unless marked "sold out"). In addition to our stock below, we can generally get anything you see in stock on Victorian maiden's web site! They are very easy for us to special order from - please email us if you'd like to place a special order.

  • Classic Marine Tippett

    $65.00 Accessories
    The perfect accompaniment to any marine-themed dress and especially Victorian maiden's own British Marine series, this tippett will accessorize your neckline with the full sailor collar and necktie look. It can even turn a plai...
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  • British Marine Collar Dress

    $279.00 Dresses
    Victorian maiden's ever-popular take on the sailor uniform motif is back! This dress features a one-piece style with short puff sleeves and a traditional sailor style collar. The collar is removable. The front bodice is plain e...
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  • British Marine Emblem Dress

    $255.00 Dresses
    Victorian maiden's ever-popular take on the sailor uniform motif is back! This dress features a low waist and embroidered fleur-de-lis emblem on the chest. The contrasting color straps are repeated in the bow at the waist as we...
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  • Lace Ribbon Puff-sleeve Blouse

    $145.00 Shirts
    Get ready for summer with this short-sleeve blouse from Victorian maiden. The sleeves are puff-sleeves for a cuter look. Pin tucks decorate the button line of this blouse, and a thin removable ribbon ties around the neck. The c...
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  • Lace Chiffon Doll Dress

    $269.00 Dresses
    This delicate and feminine dress gives the impression of light and airy elegance. It has a high waist with a chiffon skirt and upper portion that gives the impression of a lace bolero but is actually an integral part of the dre...
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  • Classical Doll Dress

    $299.00 Dresses
    One of Victorian maiden's most popular designs returns for 2014! This classic solid-color dress looks like it's stepped right out of a time machine from Victorian-era Europe - and the quality's there to match the look. The soli...
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  • Royal Lacy Dress

    $279.00 Dresses
    This deceptively simple dress is filled with details that add up to a classic and elegant overall presentation. Delicate tulle lace trims the bodice and button line, which is also decorated with pin tucks. Back lacing allows fo...
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  • Velveteen Noble Frill Dress

    $299.00 Dresses
    The cool-weather months are made for wearing soft, luxurious velveteen dresses like this one, with its deep, luscious colors and traditional design. Frills decorate the straps, while a row of buttons helps define the bodice, an...
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  • Lace Ribbon Standcollar Blouse

    $179.00 Shirts
    This is a classic Victorian maiden design that's now back by popular demand. Vertical stripes are created through pin tucks and lace, and both the collar and cuffs are decorated with matching lace. The back laces up for a fitte...
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  • SALE

    Baroque Jacquard Frill Dress (black)

    $239.00 $299.00 Dresses
    This beautiful and elegant off-shoulder dress is made almost entirely of a two-layer jacquard outer fabric - just the feel of the dress will make it obvious that this is something more than your typical Lolita one-piece. Frill ...
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  • Royal Frill Bustier Dress (black)

    $329.00 Dresses
    This simple, elegant yet versatile dress can be worn two ways: as either a strapless dress or a jumper skirt. Simply choose whether to use the included straps or not depending on your mood. The design of the dress features a cl...
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