Our NYC Store


We hope to open a new physical location soon. Click here for more info.
As often happens in real estate, it's taking us a bit longer than planned to find the right location.

Our web store will remain open throughout! Please order online for immediate shipment!


Below is information on our prior location in the East Village. We're leaving it up here for now both because much of this info will still apply when we open a new store, and so that new customers visiting our site can see where we've come from.




170 AVENUE B (it's now a motorcycle speed shop!)
NEW YORK, NY 10009
Between 10th and 11th Streets
Just north of the (former) Life Cafe and Tompkins Square Park

Emailing is the best method of contacting us.



In general, photos are usually allowed if you ask first.  We are not like some stores we know
that try to keep the internet from seeing what their store looks like!

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Keep in mind that our store is the size of a regular New York storefront.  We are a boutique.  Those of you who have been to Japan will recognize that our store is about average size compared to the stores there - this is alternative fashion, even in Japan.


We have a small fitting area in our store that you can use to try on most of our clothes.  We do have a few rules to protect our clothes, most of which are limited edition or even one-of-a-kind. Please note that these rules apply to everyone. 

Many first-time visitors to our store are either unaware of or have trouble understanding the reasoning for these rules. Please understand that all of these clothes are imported, many are handmade and as a small boutique, we have purchased them all from a limited pool of money. Think of it like trying on clothes at your friends' house, not at a major department store. The loss of one dress or blouse does have an effect on our business. And we lose more money in fitting area mishaps than through all other possible methods combined. Yes, more than shoplifting, more than lost shipments, etc.! Please try to respect our rules and our clothes.

1. You must ask before bringing anything into the fitting area.  We reserve the right to say no for any reason. (But we usually say yes.)

2. You can bring a maximum of three items into the fitting area at any one time.

3. You can try on a maximum of five items in total.  No exceptions. Please choose your favorite items before trying them on.

4. No bags are allowed in the fitting area.

5. No socks or undergarments may be tried on. This includes petticoats, except in cases where you try them on over your pants.

6. For some items (such as dresses and blouses), we require a shirt be worn - and not a tank top.  No bare underarms.  (Most of our dresses are meant to be worn with a blouse, so this will give you a better idea of fit anyway.)  Please dress accordingly.  In summer, we may restrict the trying on of these items completely.

7. No photos are allowed of you trying on clothes.  You're free to take photos of you wearing an item after purchasing it.  If we see a photo from our fitting area that ends up on the internet, you will be restricted from trying on clothes in our store from that point on.

8. If you have any trouble with an item, please ask for assistance. Many items have little tips and tricks designed into them to help with fit. Don't force an item on - if it looks like an item should fit, then it probably will, and we can show you how.


By subway: Take the L train to the 1st Avenue stop. Walk south to 11th Street, then east to Avenue B. We are between 10th and 11th.

On foot: We are within walking distance of all of the East Village’s major landmarks, including Cooper Square, NYU and St. Mark’s Place. Just walk east until you get to Avenue B. We are just above Tompkins Square Park.

By car (from New Jersey and other points west): Your best bet is the Holland Tunnel, turning north onto 6th Ave as soon as you can. From there, make a right on Houston, then a left on Avenue B. Or if Houston’s backed up, make a left on Lafayette St., then a right on East 4th St., then a left on Avenue B.

By car (from Long Island and points north): Take the BQE to the Williamsburg Bridge and get in the far right lane before the road splits on the bridge. Take the right on Clinton St., which turns into Avenue B.


Regular store customers may be offered a Frequent Customer Point Card after a certain number of purchases.

Each card contains ten stamp slots. Fill all ten and you will receive a 20% discount on your next purchase.

Each purchase $50 or over earns one stamp. There is no carryover, and the one stamp rule is per day. In other words, spending $50 on one item earns one stamp. Spending $200 on four items on the same day earns one stamp. While this is different than the system used at most Japanese stores, it is much easier to fill up our card and the reward for doing so is greater. The least any major Japanese brand store requires to fill up a card is approximately $1,000; our card can be filled up for a minimum of $500. And your reward at Japanese stores is often just a small novelty or a flat 3,000 yen discount. Our 20% discount can be significant depending on the purchase.

Point cards are available for in-store purchases only, although we will take into account your total ordering history (online and in-store) when first choosing to offer you a card.

Tokyo Rebel

PO Box 611
Valley Stream, NY 11582
Ph: 646-493-9034