A special new serving of Q-pot. is here!

New Products Q-pot

In addition to our latest Q-pot. shipment, we've received a special shipment of even more items - an all new apparel line from Q-pot. celebrating the brand's 15th anniversary!

The "Strawberry Field" collection features a delicious strawberry theme, inspired by the Japanese word for "strawberry" ("ichigo") which shares its pronunciation with “1,5” ("ichi", "go")! Perfect for a 15th anniversary series!

Our flavorful new additions include dresses, cardigans, and even unisex shirts from this new collection, all sharing a strawberry theme. We've even received accessories like the luxurious Strawberry Field Bag!


Come see all the new items in store or shop now online~!

Shop our Q-pot collection or see all of our New Arrivals!

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