Atelier-Pierrot Bustle Corset Dresses and more! New and restocked items are here!

A new batch of summer Gothic from Atelier-Pierrot has arrived, complete with new twists on some of their most popular staple items!
This year's version of the Bustle Corset Dress - now just called the Corset Dress - features boning in the corset for a cleaner look. Of course, it still offers the versatility of a drawstring bustle for many different styles! We have this dress in black and wine red.
The popular Market Dress makes a return with the same short front, long back look with an included cumber belt at the waist, only now it has matching color tulle lace with a rose pattern!
All-new items include the Elegance Drape Dress, a beautiful long layered dress that also has drawstrings for the top layer of chiffon for multiple different looks. Available in black or white.
And don't miss the versatile Traumerei Blouse, a light polyester blouse for summer that will work with many different coordinates - also available in black or white.

And lastly, we've restocked the Rose Head Dress in white, for those of you partial to the traditional Lolita headwear look!

Shop either our Atelier-Pierrot collection or our New Arrivals online~ for these products and more!

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