Elegant new looks from ATELIER-PIERROT are here!

Atelier-Pierrot is Japan's premiere purveyor of traditional Elegant Gothic Lolita attire, but they never shy away from updating their most popular styles. We've just received new items in both light and dark colors to appeal to any taste!
The Fairy Corset Dress is a limited item that we were lucky to get! This bare-shoulder corset dress features a lace-covered bodice and three lace-decorated layers on the skirt portion. Shown coordinated with a blouse - see our product page for more pictures of the dress by itself!
If you prefer a skirt, the Fairy Lace Corset Skirt is a new take on the brand's popular bustle corset skirt, with a longer back that can be pulled up via drawstrings into a bustle, and a split front that reveals layers of chiffon. Available in either black or white! Shown coordinated with a blouse.
The Claudia Lace Dress is entirely covered in lace from straps to hem, for an airy yet ornate look. You'll turn heads wearing this dress! Available in black or white. Also shown coordinated with a blouse.
For a simpler look, we have the ailes de l'ange Dress, a babydoll style dress with a plain front and back that's set off by two layers at the hem, lace around the collar and a ribbon that's decorated with an ornate floral pattern.

Lastly, for maximum comfort and versatility in coordinating, we have the Puff Sleeve Shirring Dress, which has full waist and back shirring for adjustability. It's made of a light and airy chiffon fabric, with a split front showing three layers beneath, and a long back for an elegant finish.

Shop either our Atelier-Pierrot collection or our New Arrivals online~ for these products and more!

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