Even more new products from SEX POT ReVeNGe!

Our last shipment apparently just wasn't enough for you guys, so we've stocked up on even more summer SEX POT ReVeNGe! Included are some new items and also some restocked items that sold out quickly from our last shipment, so if you missed something, check to see if we've got it back!

New items include the Princess Kuroyuki GIGA Pull Parka shown above, for those who want to be "The Most Cute" while still showing off their punk/VK love...

The Hell Cat BIG HOOD Dolman Cutsew, a variation on the popular MOON CAT Short Pull Parka that's also back in stock, featuring SPR's bandaged cat welcoming you to the underworld...

An AI-customized version of SPR's "Sin" cutsew that is, as always with AI-custom products, literally one of a kind (so order quick!)...

The Skull Plate Shoulder Bag for those looking for a versatile but stylish way to carry their stuff around this summer...

...and more! Seriously, that's not all - just take a look at our New Arrivals!

But we've also restocked the popular Bat Off-shoulder One-piece and DEVIL'S COTTON CANDY Big Hood Dolman Cutsew, in addition to the MOON CAT parka already mentioned! These were all previously sold out.
Lastly, we do still have a few copies of SEXPOT Magazine left! We'll say the first FIVE orders will receive one. We can't promise you'll get one, but order quickly for the best chance!

UPDATE: SEX POT Magazines are all gone!

Shop our SEX POT ReVeNGe collection and New Arrivals online to see all the new stuff!

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon! 

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  • Javier Betancourt on

    “Longevity long gorgeous parka” “cross antique punkish asymmetry flare skirt” “Drape design cutsew” and “blood paint leather choker” were some of my favorite products but were sold out and are no longer on the site and I would love to see them return. I wonder if you guys will have a big update for SEX POT ReVeNGe in the future as there used to be A LOT of products under my favorite brand that is SEX POT that I love so much. ❤️

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