It's time for some long sleeves! An all new shipment of LISTEN FLAVOR has just landed!

Listen Flavor New Products

We're stocking up this month, with many new items! Today, a new shipment from Listen Flavor has arrived with items perfect for fall!

To create a cute macaron color coordinate for fall, we paired the Dream Color Strawberry Heart Parka with Star Studs Braided Riders Jacket to always keep you warm!

We've received cutsews, skirts, one-pieces and parkas that are perfect for layering, like the Dream Color Strawberry Heart Parka.

Or the Spooky Ghost Long Sleeve Pullover to catch up with Halloween!

Also long cutsews with long sleeves like the Heart's Cherry Long Sleeve Big Cutsew.

We've also received some leather goods from the fall collection! Like the Harness Circular Skirt!

These items are now available in-store and online! Shop our Listen Flavor collection and all of our many current New Arrivals online.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon! 

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