New items from Listen Flavor have arrived!

Listen Flavor New Products

The latest shipment of Listen Flavor has just arrived at Tokyo Rebel!

This much anticipated arrival brings us so many new styles, ranging from creepy cute to adorable fairy kei - we hardly have room!

For those who are more on the pastel side, the Tom Boy Unicorn Lace-up Sailor Cutsew and Lollipop Candy Faux Layered dress will satisfy that sweet tooth. Complete your coordinate with the Moonlight Sailor Blouson or Trump Heart Embroidered Jacket.


We also received cool accessories like 8 bit Melty Heart Life Necklace and Tear Drop Face Seal


We also have a new novelty fair - purchase $100 or more and receive a free novelty novelty lunch box! One per customer, while supplies last - and supplies on these are limited! 

Update: our novelty fair is now over! Thanks to all who made qualifying purchases!

Shop our Listen Flavor collection or see our New Arrivals in store or online!
See you soon ★

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