UPDATE: As you can probably guess after reading the information below, we've been inundated with orders. We'll be shipping these in the order we received them, but it may take a little time to get them all shipped out. Please be patient!

The original post is below:

It's with a heavy heart but also an eye towards the future that we announce today the upcoming closure of our web store. Accordingly, you can now take a full 60-70% off all remaining clothing items in our store! (Some non-clothing items excluded.) 

It's been a great run, guys - when the store finally does shut down next month, it'll have been just shy of 10 full years. When we opened this store in February of 2009, we had no idea if we'd even last through the month, much less be able to open not one, but two retail stores in Manhattan, New York City - one of the most difficult commercial real estate environments anywhere.

But we thrived with the help of the community that built up around us, and we made some great friends along the way, both in the Japanese fashion industry itself and among those who directly supported us both at home and through our web store. And of course, there was our excellent shop staff, who always worked as a team and who we knew sincerely believed in what we were doing. We remember every single one of you, and we thank everyone for everything!

But as they say, all good things come to an end. As you know, we closed our second retail store in March of this year, and we've decided it's now time to fully "graduate" from this store and move on to new challenges.

So to remind you, take 60-70% off all remaining clothing and shoe inventory! Finish up your holiday shopping with us, or buy a gift for yourself! Prices are already marked down - no code needed. Hurry, because even moreso than during our usual sales, these items will not be replaced once they sell out! And in most cases, we only have one of everything left.


All sales final!

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  • Devin Marshall on

    Sad to see that you closed — I still have my Rock ’n Roll Demons shirt from you. Thanks for everything!

  • ZedeMedix on

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  • M on

    I hope the old interviews will be archived somewhere… that was fashion history!

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