KERA MAGAZINE AUGUST ISSUE - AKIRA & Misako Aoki × KERA June 21, 2017 20:18

The venerable KERA magazine has long helped promote Japanese street fashion around the world, but it's now moved to the digital realm!

Since you can no longer buy a physical copy at our store, we'll be letting you know each time a new digital issue of KERA is released!

The good news is it's free!

The second digital issue for August 2017 is now online!

In this month's issue:

"For winning the thing you really love"

The future is always unpredictable. What you you predict for your future style?

Once you have decided what you like, KERA has reached overseas!

Also included in this article, AKIRA and Misako Aoki talk about past and current ideals.

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