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Petrina and Haley's video picks from Listen Flavor!

Eve Listen Flavor videos

Petrina. Haley, and Laurel you an in-depth look at our newest shipment from Listen Flavor featuring items from their spring/summer collection! Enjoyed the latest Listen Flavor picks? This is just a small selection of the many items we received - come shop the collection with us! Check out the products featured in the above video: ☆ Evil Rabbit Lace-up Ribbon Pullover ☆ ☆ Black Net Sleeve Anarchy Cutsew ☆☆ Forbidden Fruit Lace-up Big Parka Dress ☆ ☆ Lollipop Candy Faux Layered Dress ☆ ☆ Trump Heart Embroidered Jacket ☆☆ Moonlight Sailor Blouson ☆☆ Ribbon Cotton Candy Pannier ☆ ☆ Trapezoid Skirt with Ribbon ☆☆ Tear Drop Face Seal ☆☆ 8 Bit Melty Heart Life Necklace ☆...

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