Video highlights from latest Q-Pot delivery! July 10, 2017 18:32

Petrina and Haley bring you an in-depth look at our newest shipment from Q-Pot featuring the latest 15th anniversary items!

Enjoyed the latest Q-Pot picks - come shop the collection with us!

Check out the products featured in the above video:

☆  Strawberry Field Sleeveless Dress
Strawberry Field Puff Sleeve Dress ☆
Strawberry Field Dress Shirt
Strawberry Drop Cardigan ☆
Melty Lace Collar Cardigan ☆
Strawberry Field Bag ☆
 Religieuse Necklace ☆
 Shadow Petit Cake Necklace ☆
 Heart On Heart Bag Charm ☆
 Chocolate Piece Good Luck Bracelet ☆
☆  Easter Bunny Cupcake Necklace
 Petit Cake Ring ☆
 Shell Macaron Necklace ☆
 Tooth Japanese Dish & Tea Bowl Set ☆

We have still more items not featured in the video, including tote bags, letter sets, and more accessories! See the entire collection!

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