Weekly Coordinates!

weekly coordinates

Hey there, Kitsy and Liz here! This week's coordinates feature items from Victorian maidenListen Flavor, and SEX POT ReVeNGe. You can find all these items both in-store and online!

First, we have a regal Lolita outfit using items from Victorian maiden! The Regimental Stripe Jumper Skirt has a beautiful striped pattern and ribbon detail that we wanted to spotlight. We wanted the dress to be our focus and accessorized with the Shantung Frill Bolero with Corsage, drawing out the black colors of the dress and adding beautiful shape to the silhouette. We accessorized with the Corsage & Leaf Comb (M) for a simple but elegant coordinate!

Regimental Stripe Jumper Skirt - $304
Shantung Frill Bolero with Corsage - $184
Corsage & Leaf Comb (M) - $33

Next, we have a cute punk outfit using items from Listen Flavor! We love the contrasting white and black colors of the Black Net Sleeve Anarchy Cutsew, and we paired it up with the Trump Heart Embroidered Jacket for a punk rocker look. By adding the Lace-up Ruffle Tulle Skirt we give this look a cute attitude with its extra puffy lace dot skirt.

Lastly we have a layered style unisex outfit using items from SEX POT ReVeNGe! We wanted to spotlight the BELIEVE Mega Zip Parka, which is perfect for a layered casual punk look. Adding the stunning [Art Collection Creation by AI] Cutsew underneath gives a pop of attention, with its special custom design which features a completely unique grungy paint motif. To contrast, we added the BLACK SUPER STRETCH CRASH Pants in plain black. The BLOOD PAINT Leather Choker completes the look with a matching paint blood splatter design.


Thank you for checking out this week's coordinates post! We look forward to seeing you in-store, or shop online today!

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