Weekly coordinates!

Petrina here! This week's coordinates feature items from Listen FlavorAtelier-Pierrot,  , Putumayo, Q-Pot., and SEX POT ReVeNGe. You can find all these items both in-store and online!

First, we have a spooky punk coordinate using items from latest Listen Flavor shipment! The mismatch colorway of the Gaucho Pants With Eyelet Belt gives a cool vibe when paired with the Double-Headed Cat BIG T-shirt.  We accessorized the LF Padlock Necklace and Thick-Soled Lace Up Boots to play up the punk details.

Next, we have a late summer Lolita coordinate using items from Atelier-Pierrot! I love the gingham appearance of the  Poly-Seersucker One Piece Dress and paired with the Regina Bolero for a more elegant style.  To add some color and emphasize the coordinate's soft cream-like texture I accessorized with the Creamy Macaron Necklace.  Add the Scalloped Platform Pumps to complete the look!

Poly-Seersucker One Piece Dress - $220
Regina Bolero - $142
Creamy Macaron Necklace - $78
Scalloped Platform Pumps - $78

Next, we have a cute fan outfit using latest items ! Imagine wearing this outfit as you wait in line to see Yoh! The Black and White illustration that we carry now comes in a nice Black or White Pin Badge that you can wear on your shirt or on your bag like the SWEET LOLITA ADORE Tote Bag  which will hold all you items for autographing. Add the "TIME TO EAT" Pierced Earring to complete the overall look.

Yoh x TOKYO REBEL Collaboration T-Shirt$ 34
"TIME TO EAT" Pierced Earring - $28
Black or White Pin Badge - $26

Next we have a fun back to school outfit with Putumayo! For those who are new to Lolita fashion the Trump rabbit dress paired with the Flounce Stand Collar Blouse is a perfect coordinate for beginners. Since they both have neck ties, you can wear them at the same time for a unique look. Accessorize with the Pocket Watch Necklace for a touch of Wonderland or add the Double Strap Pumps for a cool punk vibe.

Last we have a summer concert outfit using items from SEX POT ReVeNGe!  Reveal your love of the mosh pit with [Art Collection Creation by AI] Cutsew. Coordinated it with PUNKISH asymme flare skirt to have something that is easy to dance around in. Accessorize with the SKULL STAR necklacePoison charm earring and 3 Pyramid SKULL Belt to add some metal details; and for comfort and height, complete the look with Leche Strap Platform Sandals.

Thank you for checking out this week's coordinates post! We look forward to seeing you in-store, or shop online today!

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