Weekly Coordinates!

Weekly Coordinates

Hey there, Haley and Petrina here! Welcome to this week's coordinate post! This week's coordinates feature items from Innocent WorldSEX POT ReVeNGe, PUTUMAYOLumiebre, and Yosuke USA. You can find all these items both in-store and online!

First, we have a Classic Lolita outfit using items from Innocent World. The Bordeaux Royal Library High Waist Jumperskirt exudes elegance through its detailed print and flattering fit. The simplicity of the Ribbon Lace Millefeuille Bolero pairs well with this jumperskirt, as it does not distract from the print of the jumperskirt. The Chiffon and Lace Petticoat adds inches of ruffles and lace to any jumperskirt, providing a sophisticated touch. The Scalloped Platform Pumps are a classic choice, but these pumps are modern with lovely laser-cut details.

Next we have a cool men's outfit from SEX POT ReVeNGe! Inspired by punk trends, our main feature was the [Art Collection Creation by AI] Cutsew because of all the custom DIY details. We paired it with the BLACK SUPER STRETCH CRASH Pants and added the NA custom 2WAY FAKE LAYERED Riders Jacket for versatility since this is also customized. To complete the look we used Men's Platform Leather Lace-up Boots for a sophisticated flare.  

Next is PUTUMAYO! The Poodle Parka is a playful parka for casual wear and Lolita styles. The plush ears on the hood are detachable. The 2-tier Lace Round Neck Cutsew Blouse, made of soft cutsew fabric, has lace details and a ruffle down the front. The 3 Layer Braid Frill Skirt adds a pop of red to this black and white coordinate. The silver Pocket Watch Necklace complements the silver print on the Poodle Parka.

Next up is a spring Lolita coordinate using items from Lumiebre!  We created a monochromatic look with the Classical-Krone Jumper skirt, New girly rose parasol, and Flower Patchwork Platform Pump With Chunky Heel. The lace and trim details of the umbrella complement the dress pattern and the shoes help give the outfit a cute Bisque doll-like feel.  Accessorize with the Cherry Sundae Necklace for just a touch of color!

Classical-Krone Jumper skirt - $298 $149 (sale!)
New girly rose parasol - $106
Cherry Sundae Necklace - $260
Flower Patchwork Platform Pump With Chunky Heel - $102

Last we used SEX POT ReVeNGe items to create a late spring coordinate that's also concert ready. We paired the LACING UP STUDS camisole with Grimm Layered skirt for and accessorized it with Harness Skull Necklace for a very cool, witchy vibe. For colder weather we added LONG ROCK BOA Parka for a cozier stye - a wire inside the hood allows you to bend it to any appropriate shape. Complete the look with Platform Lace-Up Boots!

Thank you for checking out this week's coordinate's post! We look forward to seeing you in-store, or shop online today!

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