Weekly Coordinates!

weekly coordinates

Hi everyone, Liz here! This week's coordinates feature items from Atelier-Pierrot, Q-pot.Lumiebre, PUTUMAYO, and SEX POT ReVeNGe. You can find all these items both in-store and online!

First we have a sweet-gothic lolita coordinate from Atelier-Pierrot! We used the Puff Sleeves Shirring Blouse (Black) under the Angel frill dress (White) to add more details to the look. The extra layer of black lace creates a semi-dark feeling! We also added the Volume Petticoat (Black) for extra poofiness!

Angel frill dress (White) - $272
Puff Sleeves Shirring Blouse (Black) - $158
Volume Petticoat (Black) - $116

Then we have a vacation in France coordinate featuring Q-pot. and Lumiebre! We matched the Strawberry Field Puff Sleeve Dress with the Strawberry Drop Cardigan for the colder season, this outfit is easy to match any of your coats! Accessorize with the Cherry Sundae Necklace for the cute girly vibe. Finish the look with the Magical Cat Night Pagoda Umbrella (Tokyo Rebel x Lumiebre) so you will always be prepared for any weather!

Strawberry Field Puff Sleeve Dress - $344
Strawberry Drop Cardigan - $220
Cherry Sundae Necklace - $260
Magical Cat Night Pagoda Umbrella (Tokyo Rebel x Lumiebre) - $94

Here we have a student from magic school coordinate from PUTUMAYO! We match the Bat One Piece Dress with the Meow Loli Cat Ear Hoodie for more layers and details! Adding the Document Bag to finish the look and to keep your wand and books!

Bat One Piece Dress - $134
Meow Loli Cat Ear Hoodie - $72
Document Bag - $118

Last we have a rocker girl outfit from SEX POT ReVeNGe! It's a simple coordinate easy to wear on many occasions. We match the BLACK MIMOLLET cutsew one piece with the HOOD DRAPE cardigan for an all black look, accessorized with the COLOR STONE necklace for the little pop of color!

BLACK MIMOLLET cutsew one piece - $84
HOOD DRAPE cardigan - $94
COLOR STONE necklace - $40

Thank you for checking out this week's coordinates post! We look forward to seeing you in-store, or shop online today!

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