Weekly Coordinates!

Weekly Coordinates

Hey there, Kitsy and Laurel here! Welcome to this week's coordinate post! This week's coordinates feature items from Innocent WorldSEX POT ReVeNGe, PUTUMAYOListen Flavor, and Yosuke USA. You can find all these items both in-store and online!

First, we have a Classic Lolita outfit using items from Innocent World. The Japanese Butterfly Plain Jumperskirt exudes beauty and a hint of traditional Japanese style with it's soft print and flattering fit. The simplicity of the Ribbon Lace Millefeuille Bolero pairs well with this jumperskirt, as it does not distract from the print of the jumperskirt. The Chiffon and Lace Petticoat adds inches of ruffles and lace to any jumperskirt, providing a sophisticated touch. The Scalloped Platform Pumps paired with the matching Japanese Butterfly Tights are a perfectly cute combination.

Next we have a casual men's outfit from SEX POT ReVeNGe! Inspired by punk trends, our main feature MIND SKULL Shirring Long Sleeve Cutsew paired with the NA custom 2WAY FAKE LAYERED Riders Jacket - the unisex fit and punk details make this combination perfect for wearing to concerts. We paired them with the BLACK SUPER STRETCH CRASH Pants for some extra grunge flair. Lastly, the CROSS WING necklace completes the look with some more metallic style.

CROSS WING necklace - $40
MIND SKULL Shirring Long Sleeve Cutsew - $48
NA custom 2WAY FAKE LAYERED Riders Jacket - $140

Next is this casual outfit from PUTUMAYO! The simple Flounce dress is made from comfortable fabric and has an asymmetrical design. Paired with the Cat Emblem Embroidery Cardigan, it matches in long length and comfortable weight. The little cat emblem embroidery adds a touch of mischief without being too distracting. The Crown Trump Chain Belt completes the look with a punk yet sophisticated touch.

Next up is a Lolita coordinate using items from Victorian maiden!  We created a romantic look with the Maniera Frill Jumper SkirtManiera Half Bonnet, Shantung Frill Bolero with Corsage,and Frill chiffon underskirt. The frilly underskirt peaks out slightly, for a touch of elegance, and also add a bit of volume to the skirt. We really love the classic shape of this jumper skirt! It's very tasteful and elegant, and has such a ladylike design! The bonnet adds more of a traditional Victorian vibe, and it really pulls the coordinate together. The puffed sleeves of the bolero add a classic princess feel to the coordinate that makes it feel complete!  

 Shantung Frill Bolero with Corsage - $184
Frill chiffon underskirt - $134

Thank you for checking out this week's coordinate's post! We look forward to seeing you in-store, or shop online today!

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