Weekly Coordinates! April 15, 2017 15:44

Hey there, Petrina and Haley here! Welcome to this week's coordinate post! This week's coordinates feature items from Atelier-PierrotSEX POT ReVeNGe, PUTUMAYONOVALAR'S, and Yosuke USA. You can find all these items both in-store and online!

First, we have a Classic Lolita outfit using items from Atelier-Pierrot. The simple design and comfortable material of the Miaplacidus Dress (Lavender) makes this a very versatile piece to dress up or wear casually.  We went for a more traditional Lolita style and paired the dress with the Chesed Blouse and Volume Petticoat.  The pleated princess sleeves on the blouse help draw attention to the lace on the sleeves and ruched hem of the dress, creating a lot of details without the need of a printed design.  Complete the look with Scalloped Platform Pumps for an adorable outfit.

Chesed Blouse - $152

Next we have a men's outfit from SEX POT ReVeNGe! The mod-like style of the Thick-Soled Lace Up Boots inspired us to to create a cool monochromatic look. The loose fit design and distressed look of the Sin x Punishment BIG Cutsew and FATE CROSSES MEGA ZIP Parka make it very comfortable and fashionable for spring!  The ripped details of the BLACK SUPER STRETCH CRASH Pants compliment the designs of both items, and the slim fit keeps the outfit on trend. Accessorize with the SEX POT Chain for a simple and classic punk style.

SEX POT Chain - $22
Sin x Punishment BIG Cutsew - $48
Thick-Soled Lace Up Boots - $139

Next is a cute and comfortable witch outfit using items from PUTUMAYO! The gothic design and chiffon trim of the Flounce dress paired with the Document bag makes it a perfect uniform for potion lessons. We added the plush Poodle Parka, for a more after-school vibe and complimented the look with the Frill Ribbon T-Strap Shoe to bring out the red embroidery on the bag. The ears on the parka are removable and the bag can be worn multiple ways, so you could wear this same outfit and it will never get boring!

Last, we have a cute and sporty coordinate using items from NOVALAR'S!  We wanted to embody the school uniform style of the brand and created a outfit with the Traditional School Logo Swimsuit and the Cropped Jersey Pants for a "swim club" look. For a more fashionable flair we added Zip up Face Jersey Top to pull everything together!  

Traditional School Logo Swimsuit$60 $$48 (sale!)
Cropped Jersey Pants - $60 $48 (sale!)
Zip up Face Jersey Top - $80 $64 (sale!)

Thank you for checking out this week's coordinate's post! We look forward to seeing you in-store, or shop online today!