Weekly Coordinates!

weekly coordinates

Hey there, Kitsy and Petrina here! This week's coordinates feature items from Q-pot, Atelier-Pierrot Listen Flavor, PUTUMAYO and SEX POT ReVeNGe. You can find all these items both in-store and online! Don't forget that most items in our store (except for Q-pot apparel, Novalar's and magazines) are 20% off through 7/31 with the code SUMMERSALE2017!

First, we have a lovely and cute coordinate using items from Q-pot! We paired up the Strawberry Field Sleeveless Dress and the Strawberry Drop Cardigan from Q-pot's Strawberry Field collection to match with the strawberry theme. We added the Cherry Sundae Necklace for an extra touch of sweet and complimenting white, red and gold tones.

Strawberry Field Sleeveless Dress - $310
Strawberry Drop Cardigan - $220
Cherry Sundae Necklace - $260

Next, we used Atelier-Pierrot items for a summer outfit to suit a Gothic heart who also love pastels! We used Miaplacidus Dress (Lavender) as an underdress for the Bustle Corset Dress (Black). We created a front bustle so it reveals a beautiful tiered chiffon underskirt. For a traditional Lolita silhouette we used the Volume Petticoat (Black).  Accessorize with the Shell Macaron Necklace you can create a sea witch themed outfit; add the Scalloped Platform Pumps which have wave-like details to complete the over all look!

Miaplacidus Dress (Lavender) - $208
Bustle Corset Dress (Black)
Volume Petticoat (Black) - $116
Shell Macaron Necklace - $90
Scalloped Platform Pumps 2600720 - $78

Next, we have a cute punk outfit using items from Listen Flavor! We love the contrasting red and purple colors of the Skull Strawberry T-shirt, and we paired it up with the Angel Heart Hooded Long knit cardigan for a cool layered look. By adding the Faux Leather Rider Skirt we give this look a cool attitude with it's sleek faux leather material and punk zip detailing.

Skull Strawberry T-shirt - $34 $29 (sale!)

Next we made a Lolita coordinate with items from PUTUMAYO!  Pairing the 2 Way Sleeve Blouse with the Window Cat Layered Dress we've wanted an outfit with lots of versaility since the blouse has detachable sleeves and a removable bow tie. The sheer sleeves and the solid color of the sleeves create a cool layered effect.  We also used the Organza Pannier for a traditional cupcake shape.  Accessorize with the Religieuse Necklace adds a touch of sweet aesthetic or add the Rose Corsage Mini Hat for a more Gothic appearance. 

Window Cat Layered Dress - $178
2 Way Sleeve Blouse - $116
Organza Pannier - $114
Rose Corsage Mini Hat - $46
Religieuse Necklace - $99

Lastly we have a casual unisex outfits using items from SEX POT ReVeNGe! We wanted to create a concert-ready look using the MIND SKULL Round Neck Cutsew for a punk attitude with a comfortable design. Paired with the comfy and shredded BLACK SUPER STRETCH CRASH Pants, they give a rough punk feeling that can be matched with a variety of styles. We completed the look with the 3 Pyramid SKULL Belt to give an extra rock and roll vibe.


Thank you for checking out this week's coordinates post! We look forward to seeing you in-store, or shop online today!

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