Meow Loli Cat Ear Hoodie
Meow Loli Cat Ear Hoodie
Meow Loli Cat Ear Hoodie
Meow Loli Cat Ear Hoodie

Meow Loli Cat Ear Hoodie

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The second collaboration with a cat anime character from "Nyanmori arige - Kenpuru Gakuen", this is an item packed with detail.
With a cute design with cat ears on the hoodie, the character's silhouette is printed all around the hem.

Black x Red
Sax Blue

Tempered Rayon 70%
Polyester 30%

Length: 66cm (26inch)
Shoulder width: 40cm (15.7inch)
Bust: 100cm (39.4inch)
Sleeve length: 20cm (7.87inch)

Hand wash

Made in Japan

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