Victorian maiden - Reserve

Welcome to the Victorian maiden reserve item collection page. Here you can reserve Victorian maiden’s upcoming items through us, just as you could through Victorian maiden’s web site or Press Shop if you lived in Japan. We are the only US retailer authorized to take Victorian maiden reserve orders.

Victorian maiden is a brand name that carries with it an air of exclusivity in its home country. One of the reasons for this is that all of their items are produced in very limited quantities. In many cases, only enough items are produced to satisfy the reservation list, with none left over for the general public.

Reserving items carries with it the advantages of guaranteeing yourself the exact item and color you want without needing to worry if we'll be stocking it in our store.  It also generally will get you a slight discount if you order during the reserve period - while we can't match VM's own manufacturer discounts for their Japanese customers, we do try to offer our own promotional pricing during reserve periods.

PLEASE NOTE: Items on this page are not in stock and may in fact never be in stock at our store.  These are reserve items - in essence, advance special orders.

Please make a note of the following when placing your reserve order:

1. Payment must be made in full at the time of ordering. In many cases, Victorian maiden is actually producing clothing “on demand”, so they require payment up front and so do we. Note that they require this of their Japanese customers as well.

2. Cancellations and changes are not permitted, for the same reason as above. Placing a reserve order is a commitment. Please ensure that you really want the item you’re ordering when you order it. 

3. Items often cannot be reserved after the closing date, although this rule can occasionally be bent. Please email us if you’re interested in something after the closing date and we will check with Victorian maiden directly. Promotional pricing cannot be offered after the closing date.

4. Infrequently, Victorian maiden may cancel the production of certain items. You will receive a full refund in this unlikely event.

5. We have a limited number of reservations available. Victorian maiden has allotted us only a certain number. We may sell out of reservations, just like with in-stock products. 

6. Reservation discounts are our own, not Victorian maiden's.  While we try to offer a discount during our reserve period, we are doing that ourselves - VM's web site discounts are for their Japanese customers only.  As a third party retailer, we cannot exactly match the discount offered by the manufacturer when selling their own clothes directly.

7. After a reserve item has been released, it becomes a special order item.  We can often still get them, so you are still free to inquire!

1. Reservations must now be placed via email only  at Please see below or browse VM's web site for a listing of what's available. Clicking each link will take you to a blog post with more information, including prices for each item. If you follow Victorian maiden's site and you see that they have something we haven't posted yet, feel free to email us in advance with a list of your desired items, as well as where you would like them shipped.

2. We will respond with a total price including shipping and any applicable tax.

3. Send us a final go-ahead agreeing to the price. This will actually place your order and we can no longer accept a cancellation past that point.

4. We will send you an invoice, due in 3 days. Note that we have switched to using our web site shopping cart for invoicing; payment is just like paying through our web site. For PayPal payments, we require a confirmed shipping address. One difference between Victorian maiden and other brands is that, unless specified otherwise, reserve orders are confirmed immediately.

Once we receive an order, it is sent to Victorian maiden immediately, and they treat it as a reserve order placed through their own site. You will then receive your item(s) shortly after its release date. Note that there is a slight "lag" in shipping times, as VM normally ships us one box per month. You'll receive your items generally within 30 days of their release, although it could be a bit longer. Please be patient! We try to get your items as soon as possible, however we don't recommend ordering reserve items if you need them by a specific date because there is no guarantee.

All product images in this section are provided courtesy of Victorian maiden. Reproduction, modification, uploading to a network, transmitting, distribution, licensing, sale, and publication are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

Note that in addition to items you see below (even if there is nothing currently listed below!), we can generally get anything you see still on reserve (or in stock) at Victorian maiden's web site! That includes items outside of the reserve period. VM is very easy for us to special order from - please email us if you'd like to place a special order.

Items available for reserve - clicking any image will take you to the blog post about that series:

2018 Lazy Afternoon series items posted 6/6/2018