About Us

If you're looking for real Harajuku fashion, you've found it. Our mission is to bring the best in authentic Japanese alternative street fashion to the United States. What is Japanese street fashion and why do we sell it? Read on, or check out our FAQ for more.

We concentrate our efforts on rock/punk inspired clothing, Gothic and Lolita fashion. We are the original US-based seller of J-fashion, in operation since 2009, and have been covered by the New York Times, Time Out NY and NHK (Japan public TV). We've hosted tea parties, produced fashion shows and sold at events ranging from the New York Anime Festival to Comic Con to Waku Waku NYC. We've had two permanent physical locations in New York City and currently operate as an online store. We ship from the United States so your shipping costs stay low.

We do not sell replicas or cheap knockoffs. These are not clothes "inspired" by Japanese fashion. Don't be fooled - these are the real brands that you would find walking down Takeshi Dori in Harajuku, Tokyo or in Amerikamura in Osaka. Only a few stores worldwide outside of Japan are authorized to carry a single one of the real Japanese brands. We've got a whole bunch! 

We are a fully authorized retailer for the following brands - explore our navigation links to be taken to their collection page on our site, or click the links below to see their homepage (in Japanese):

Check back often for new arrivals, or find us on Twitter, Facebook, or our blog for all the latest news.

Why buy name brands? Japanese consumers are extremely brand loyal, and there are good reasons for it. Japanese fashion brands hire the top designers who have their boots on the ground in Japan’s top cities – they set the trends. These designers develop followings for their signature styles. They’re not copying what someone else is doing. The major brands also produce quality clothing that you can wear every day – we do not sell costume-quality clothing that you wear once and then throw away. These are high quality garments.

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If you have questions or comments, please contact us.