How We Ship

Maybe you've never ordered from us before and you're wondering if we're going to send your stuff in a cheap plastic bag like some companies do, or if your items are going to be haphazardly tossed into a box and sent up a conveyor belt by a faceless robot.  Nope!  Hopefully the following will make you feel comfortable ordering from us. (Note: for actual shipping rates, check out our policies page.)

Here's Tara packing an order in our old store (we still ship the same way!)

Hi Tara!

Your stuff's going to be packed by one of our shop staff and shipped directly from New York City, where all of our stock is kept.  All of our staff are trained to the same standards and we all provide the same level of service.

We start by carefully folding and fitting your item(s) to the size box we plan to use.  We use the smallest box we can to keep the costs down, but we will not "stuff" your items into a box that's too small. If an item needs a big box, it gets a big box!

All dresses are initially packaged in garment bags or cellophane wrappers (depending on how the brand packaged it when shipping to us).

We try to include brand bags when possible, and we usually can with most brands and most orders.

We carefully box your item(s).  We use thick 200 weight boxes for larger and more expensive items.  For smaller items, we use USPS-provided boxes to try to keep our shipping charges as low as possible.  A smaller package might look a little different, but we still take the same amount of care in packing it.  We never ship anything in a bag rather than a box, and the only items we ship in envelopes are magazines.

Sometimes, we have additional free promotional items available, and we include these when we have them.  These are usually while supplies last, so if you know we have a cool freebie, order fast!

We'll print an invoice detailing your shipment, and then your box will be carefully sealed by hand.

We use the USPS's click-n-ship system to print shipping labels, which automatically checks that the address is correct so no mistakes are made.  (Excuse the blurring - that's a real label!)

We use USPS shipping because there is no easier/cheaper way to ship internationally, they offer the cheapest 2-3 day service within the United States and their system has worked well for us since 2009 and through thousands of packages. They also do free pickups from our location, which helps keep your costs down.

No matter how many orders we have, we work on one package at a time.  It may take a little longer that way, but it's the only way to make absolutely sure packages don't get mixed up.  We don't even make the next box until we've sealed and labeled the one before. 

We're no, but we've shipped a lot of packages, sometimes many in a single day.  All packed one at a time, by hand.

The USPS does daily pickups from our store, so once the label is printed, your box will be in the USPS's hands at the next pickup.  We then generate a shipping confirmation email to let you know that your stuff is on its way, with a tracking number included.

99% of the packages we send are insured - we take responsibility ourselves for magazines and very small international shipments.  Insurance can add a bit to the shipping charge, but it's worth it - only once in the past two years has a package ever gone missing on us, and we were able to refund that customer's purchase quickly.  We do believe that the USPS takes extra care with insured packages, because they don't want to pay claims they don't have to.  A word of advice: never ship any expensive item without insurance!

We hope this was informative for those of you who have never ordered from us before!  (^ _ ^)/~~