interview - AKIRA


interview - AKIRA

KERA/Gothic & Lolita Bible model and DISACODE vocalist Akira answers a series of questions below.
Many of these questions came from you!  If you'd like to participate next time, watch our blog!

Q. How did you first get started in KERA? 

A. Someone asked me to be in the magazine after I went to the street snap shoot.

Q. How would you describe your personal daily style and how did you develop that style?  And what do you think of Lolita/Kodona fashion?

A. My daily style is boy style.  I buy clothes I like and wear various clothes in front of the mirror to make my style. As for Lolita/Kodona, I like that it's like its own world.  

Q. What is the most important part of a coordinate? What pulls it all together for you?

A. Whether I feel happy or not!  Well... there is no item that pulls it all together. It’s really depending on what I feel that day!

Q. Do you ever dress in a very feminine manner outside of modeling, whether punk or Lolita or something else? 

A. I don't usually wear a feminine style other than for work.
But I would wear cool womens' pants style sometimes ♪

Q. Your entire look/style is unique and inspirational. Who or what inspires you as an individual? 

A. I don’t think I am influenced by anybody~
If I have to say, then some animation style that I am really into at that time??

Q. What's your favorite movie, TV show and band? 

A. My favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean
I don’t usually watch TV except animation… I like MACROSS Frontier
There are too many favorite bands!!

Q. What’s your favorite clothing brand?


Q.What’s your favorite place to eat?

A. Um~ Sushi restaurant!! LOL

Q. How do you feel when you wear goth, Lolita, punk clothes? Is there a particular image or idea you have of yourself when you wear or model each style? 

A. I feel differently depending on the outfit. Prince style makes me to act like a prince and punk style makes me talk a little more violent…LOL  

I believe that modeling work is how I could show the clothing as beautifully as possible, so I try to fit the image of what I'm modeling. 

Q. What is your favorite coordinate that you have ever worn, either modeling or just for yourself? 

A. Recently I have been wearing coordinates using kimono at my concerts sometimes, and I like it. 

Q. If there was a fire in your apartment and you could only save a total of five pieces from your wardrobe (clothing, accessories, shoes), what would you save?

A. The Hakama type (a long pleated skirt used to worn over a kimono) pants and the purple shirts from SEX POT ReVeNGe, the metallic pants from SUPER LOVERS, the Harem pants from ALGONQUINS and the black Kimono.

Q. Do you get to keep the clothes that you model? 

A. Depends on the clothes but usually I ask the brands to hold them and I would buy them later.

Q. What is the one thing you cannot leave home without? 

A. My cell phone, iPhone, wallet, and organizer…LOL 

Q.You recently starred in a stage musical - what was that like, and is that something you think you’d like to do more of?

A. It was fun since my role was a daughter of a very rich family!! Memorizing lines was very hard though…
I don’t think I would do only acting but I would try it if I get another offer.

Q. Do you think you will ever come to NYC or LA for either a Disacode concert or fashion event?  

A. There is no actual plan right now but doing a live concert in America is one of my dreams... I would love to go sometime♪

Q. Do you play any instruments?

A. I have been playing piano since I was three, and I can play a samisen (a three-stringed Japanese banjo) a little bit too♪

Q. Do you ever get bored with the same hairstyle?

A. I get bored with my hair style but I have many wigs♪

Q. Where do you purchase your amazing footwear? 

A. I would recommend the shoes from YOUSUKE since they're reasonable.

Q. What's your skin care routine?

A. I use a toner and I massage sometimes.

Q. Any quick Akira hairstyling tips?

A. It’s just short hair with long hairline along the nape of the neck.

Q. What is your dream in your future?

A. There is no dream~ ^^; 
I live to have fun and I die to have fun!!LOL

Q. When did you start modeling in general?

A. KERA modeling was a little more than 2 years ago♪
I have been modeling in general since I was 12 years old.  

Q. How do you keep in shape?

A. Only muscle training!!

Q. Do you eat any sweets?

A. I cannot eat sweets much…^^;  

Q. Do you have any message for your western fans?

A. I love to visit foreign countries and I am so glad to know that someone outside of Japan knows me!!
I hope we have a concert outside of Japan sometime♪
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