interview - Misako Aoki


interview - Misako Aoki

Lolita model, official Japanese Kawaii Ambassador, nurse, and now author of the book "Misako Aoki's Kawaii Revolution" - these are just a few of the titles held by Misako Aoki!

Misako-chan answered some of your questions live during our Summer 2011 tea party. You can see the very end of that Skype session at the very bottom of the page. Below she answers those questions and more!

Q. What first inspired you to do Lolita fashion?

A. I was dressed in Lolita for the magazine named KERA and that inspired me.

Q. Other than the Lolita style, what other styles do you like? And is there any style that you haven't modeled before that you would want to?

A. I like MILK and Emily Temple Cute. I like cute looking one piece dresses. To make Lolita more popular, I'd want to keep wearing Lolita.

Q. What is your favorite accessory?

A.Ribbon motif accessories! I like rings.

Q. What item do you never travel without?

A. Japanese rice crackers. I start missing the soy sauce taste (lol)

Q. You've been to many countries. Which one was your favorite to visit?

A. Of course New York City!! New York City is so fashionable and there are many tasty foods, so I hope to visit NYC again!

Q. What's the most fullfilling/satisfying part of your work as a nurse? As a model?

A. As a nurse - (I feel fulfilled) when I can help people. They give me gratitude.
As a model - when I receive fan letters.

Q. Are there any other plans that you have for the future, in addition to your line Ribbon Groupie?

A. Although there is no clear plan yet, I would like to make my favorite Lolita dresses sometime.

Q. How does a day commence for you?

A. I open blinds and get sunlight into the room.
I drink milk every morning too!

Q. Is there anyone or anything that inspires you?

A. Licca-chan doll (Licca-chan is the model of Misako's hair style.)
I was playing with her all the time because I admired her since I was a child.

Q. Do you still see yourself wearing lolita ten years from now?

A. Yes! Even if I grow older, I’d like to wear kawaii fashion.

Q. In Japan, is there an age that someone can be considered too old to wear Lolita?

A. Some might stop (wearing Lolita)... I don’t think there is any age limit. I’d like to wear Lolita even after becoming a grandmother.

Q. Do you have a personal favorite brand?

It’s very classical and cute.

Q. How long have you been modeling Lolita?

A. I have been wearing Lolita at least ten years.

Q. Other than being a model and a nurse, is there anything else you do?

A. I like sports so I do yoga and belly dancing.

Q. Is there any place in the world that you haven't visited yet, but would really like to?

A. I would like to go to Africa.

Q. How old were you when you first started modeling?

A. I was about 15 years old.

Q. How did you become a kawaii ambassador?

A. While I was modeling for magazines, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs came to ask me.

Q. What is your favorite color?

A. It’s pink. Pink brings love fate up so I wear pink when I go on a date.

Q. Are you a cat or dog person?

A. I like cats. They have their own pace that’s so cute!

Q. Favorite season?

A. I like spring.

Q. What is your favorite song to sing at karaoke?

A. I sing any songs of AKB48 and Morning Musume.

Q. Who is your favorite musical artist or group?

A. Kojiharu-san in AKB48. (Haruna Kojima)

Q. If you were a Disney princess, which one would you be and why?

A. I want to be Cinderella. I’d like to wear the glass shoes. I want to ride in a horse-drawn carriage too. 

Q. Do you have any message you'd like to give to your fans here?

A. 今回、SkypeでNYのロリータちゃんたちと会えてお話し出来て楽しかったです。またNY行きたいです!みんな大好き!!!
This time, I was happy to meet and talk to New York Lolita-chan on Skype.
I would love to visit New York sometime again! I love everyone!!!

On August 22, 2011, Misako answered many of these questions live via Skype at our Summer 2011 tea party. You can see the ending of that video below! (After she'd finished the Q&A session...)

Most of our Q&A sessions will not be conducted live - but if you want to participate in the next written Q&A, watch our blog! We are planning more!