We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Bitcoin through our standard checkout. We also accept PayPal for customers who prefer it - just select the PayPal button from the cart page. We are a PayPal Verified merchant.  Your payment is handled through a 100% encrypted SSL secure server regardless of which method of payment you choose.

Note that if paying via PayPal, you must select a PayPal confirmed shipping address.


We only accept returns for exchange within 14 days, and only in the case of a factory defect. We inspect all items prior to sale so this should be exceedingly rare.

No refunds. No returns for sizing or other issues.

While this may seem restrictive, please understand that most of the items we sell are imported directly from Japan via express shipping and are limited in nature. There is nothing we can do with a used garment that has been returned. Unlike a large American chain store, we cannot simply return items to a warehouse and get another one of the same item.

However, if we do make an error on your order, we want to fix it! Please email us immediately to notify us of the problem and we will work with you to make your order right.

Shipping and Costs

Regular web site orders are generally shipped within 1-2 business days. Most shipping is via USPS with insurance and delivery confirmation/tracking, either Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express. Please note that we do not guarantee delivery dates by either method. (We'd prefer to avoid situations like this, which can happen to any shipping company occasionally.) What we can promise is that we'll do our best to ship your order quickly. Generally you will receive a domestic shipment within 3-4 days of placing it, or 2-3 days with Priority Mail Express.

We ship worldwide. Actual shipping charges will be reflected at checkout.

Note that domestic orders over $150 ship free!

Priority mail rates within our postal zone are often a bit lower. Conversely, rates to the west coast, HI and AK are a bit higher. You can calculate available shipping rates prior to actually checking out by going to the first step of checkout, entering your shipping address and seeing the rates that come up for your items. 

When shipping internationally, you are responsible for any and all Customs fees/taxes/duties in your country.

Note that we cannot mark down the cost of packages for overseas customers, as this is against USPS regulations.

As our web site cannot distinguish individual nations, shipping to Canada is often a bit cheaper and when it's warranted, we do manually adjust the rate downward prior to shipping your package.  Keep in mind this is not always possible, depending on the size and weight of your order.

Note that we do not ship to Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kampuchea (Cambodia), Latvia, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, Lithuania, Benin, Serbia-Montenegro, Ghana or Nigeria at this time. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please understand that your shipping charge does include more than just postage - it also includes insurance (which can be half the cost) and all materials used to ship.

Shipping rates may change at any time.

Special Orders

We accept special orders for most brands for which we are an authorized dealer with full payment up front.

Minimum order: $50 *per item* (unless ordering three or more of the same item)
Maximum order: $1,000

Accessories usually cannot be special ordered in quantities of less than three per item. Please note that we are not a shopping service. We accept special orders as an extra service for the benefit of our customers, but we are a retail store ordering wholesale from our brands, so we cannot easily order single small items.

The maximum order limit is due to some past abuse, and to limit our risk in case of payment reversal.

You may begin your special order at any time by emailing us a list of the items you’d like.

Special orders cannot be canceled.  Payment is accepted either via our web checkout (PayPal or credit card) or in person.  Your payment will be immediately refunded in the event that the item in question ends up being sold out.

We cannot guarantee delivery dates under any circumstances. We will provide you with a "best guess" estimate of delivery time frame, but we have absolutely no control over when products actually arrive. We will provide updates on any changes to the delivery schedule, but we cannot ask a brand to ship your special order outside of their normal shipping process. Special orders by their nature usually require a bit of a wait. If you would like a product quickly, please order from our in-stock items, or in some cases you can order from the brand directly if they offer overseas shipping directly to customers.


In-stock items: You may cancel an order up to the point when you receive a shipping confirmation. More than one cancellation in a short time may mean we can no longer take orders from you.

Pre-order/reserve/special order items: Orders for these items cannot be canceled. In many cases these are not items we would regularly stock - we are getting them just for you. Thus, no cancellations for these items are accepted.

Web Site Privacy

We collect information from our customers necessary to process orders and send information regarding those orders to the customer. We will never sell or give away any of your personal information to unaffiliated third parties, and we would never knowingly contract with a third party company whose privacy policy is inconsistent with this philosophy. When you place an order, you have the option to receive periodic emails from us about sales or other promotions. You can always unsubscribe from these emails at a later date if you so choose. We do not send unsolicited emails (aka spam). Even our solicited emails are pretty infrequent.

We currently rely on one billing partner (PayPal) who we need to share your payment information with in order to process orders. You can read their own privacy policies at the following link: PayPal.